20 Woven Mat Materials + Textures (VOL 2)

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20 Woven Mat Materials + Textures (VOL 2)

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This is a set of 20 various Woven Mat Materials and Textures.

This package contains: 4 .rar files

-20 SBS files for Substance Designer

-20 SBSAR files for Substance Painter

- PBR Textures ( 4K and 16 bit PNG )

-Rendered Previews

(Fully named and numbered)

After purchasing this collection you can use .sbs files in Substance Designer so you can change some parameters like color(Hue-Saturation-lightness), pattern details or normal and roughness multiply.( Substance Designer version is 11.2.2)

Also there is 20 base materials for substance painter (.sbsar) so you can easily change  parameters as you want.

And you have Textures files too that include : Base Color-Metallic-Roughness-glossiness-specular-Normal-Height-Ambient Occlusion-Opacity and rendered preview. You can use these textures in any 3d software for creating 20 different materials.

I want this!

20 Woven Mat Materials + Textures

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